Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review - Sewing The Seasons by Sandi Henderson

 This FAMILY project was actually created month's ago during the testing phase for this lovely book. Now that the book is available for purchase I can share with you. 

Sewing the Seasons is the newest book by well known pattern and fabric designer, Sandi Henderson. The book is packed with 23 projects to keep you sewing year round!  I've always loved creating from Sandi's inspiration and this book is no different. There's something for everyone in this, accessories, home name it!

I was privileged to test the Ice Cream Sundress pictured here. It's a sweet, simple sundress that my Lil' Miss is so happy to finally have OFF the mannequin in mommy's sewing room and hanging in her closet! :)

Here's my version....
 This sweet dress offers a shirred bodice which creates a darling ruffle with the rolled hem edge. 
 The narrow straps tie neatly, and stay in place, through a button hole on the back. I love the look...and they stay in place....did I mention that? We've all had those sundresses that the straps are constantly sliding off the shoulders....NOT this one! 
 The hem is finished with double ruffles, also with a rolled hem. 

The next project on my list from this book is that darling kite you see in one of the pics above. My daughter has decided it would be perfect as a decoration for her room that we HOPE to get re-painted and decorated this summer. We did her older sister's last summer and it was lots of fun! :)

You can read more about Sandi's work and find LOADS of inspiration on her website here.

Wiley Craft Blog
My gratitude to Wiley Publishing for the opportunity to once again assist with the testing of this book, and to Sandi Henderson for her continued creative inspiration. 


Pam @Threading My Way said...

You know how I love shirring, Kristy... wonder who introduced me. An adorable little dress with the double ruffles. I like the way the straps are tied and secured with a button... practical and looks great!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I've featured your dress today, Kristy... Threading Your Way ~ Features

Brenna said...

I was just flipping through this book at the book store. It really had some cute ideas. I loved the kite. I might just have to go back and get it.

Annie said...

This dress is so sweet! Love the beautiful details!

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