Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 2013 - Monthly Project Announcement

As I'm sitting here writing this post to share with you all in the a.m. storms are again raging through many parts of the United States. Families are loosing many, many material things, some everything, but even worse, some are loosing their loved ones. It gives a whole different meaning and perspective to the project I was planning to share with you for June. 

Since the first year, each summer, one monthly project has been set aside to specifically sew for our families. It's often too easy to push their requests and needs further down the list of priorities, and so I like to set aside a specific month to pour our love and stitching into our families. 
This year, I want to take it a step farther. 
It wont' require much extra effort on our parts, but I can already imagine the impact it can have.

Here's the you begin to plan and sew for your families, pick at least ONE project that you can double. In most cases it's not much harder to make 2 of something when you are already in the process. Whether you are making a new dress for your daughter, an apron for your aunt or a new tablet cover for the "e" reader in your home, make 2. Then, find a way to donate the extra item. 


It's not hard to find a need, even close to home, if you pause for a second to look.

The "Sewing to Rebuild" project is also scheduled to collect donations through June 21, so that's a GREAT option if you are looking for one. 

Whatever you make, wherever you decide to donate, just find a way to give honor of the incredible gift of FAMILY!

When you do, share photos of your creations....the ones for your family members and the ones for donation. I've created this June 2013 Flickr Album just for this month's project. Your photos can help inspire ideas and opportunities for others throughout the month!
I can't wait to see all the beautiful things you all make!!!
I've got a lot on my list and up my sleeve, so I can't wait to start sharing!

Every single one. 
Somewhere, someone will receive the handmade gift you have created and will be touched, encouraged and maybe even comforted by your efforts. 


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