Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - 1st Quarter Project Announcement

As many of you know, our family is personally connected with our local foster care community. A need that is continually been brought to our attention is that of Hygiene Products for children as they enter foster custody. As I have mentioned before when we have sewn for the foster care community, it isn't uncommon for children to come into care with little to no personal belongings. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the NEED remains the same. The children range in age from newborn - 18 years old. By providing Personal Care Bags for the children, they instantly have something in hand that belongs to them, while at the same time, it will help lighten the instant preparations of their new caregivers.  

For our 2014 - 1st Quarter Project, we are going to focus on how we can meet this need. I'm going to break down the details below with Suggestions of different items that can be sewn or purchased in support of our 1st Quarter Project. I'm trying to simplify and help guide our sewing/gathering with these suggestions, but please do not feel limited by them in any way. 
The need is Hygiene/Personal Care Bags filled with Age Appropriate items. 
Have fun filling them with things you, your children or grandchildren might like, and I'm sure they will find their way to a child who can use every single item included! As always, please don't hesitate to email me with any questions and I will personally reply as soon as I can. Here we go....

Tote Bags and/or Diaper Bags
Laundry Bags
Cosmetic/Toiletry Bags & Pouches

**Additionally, I have had a specific request for Hooded Towels/Blankets since some children are having to be treated for head lice immediately upon coming into care, and may be transported with hair still wet. Having their heads covered is especially important during the cold months we are in. Find a link to several different DIY versions here.

Many of these items may also easily be sewn for those interested in doing so. Focus here on what is age appropriate for the age range you are packing the bag for.

Newborn-Toddler Bag: Wipes, diapers, diaper cream, baby soap/shampoo, bibs, burpcloths, pacifiers, bottles/sippy cups, snacks, formula, small age appropriate toy/activity/book. 

5-12 years Child's/Junior's Bag: Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Tootbrush/Paste, Brush/Comb, Hair Accessories like pony tail holders, styling products, etc. , deodorant, lotion, underwear, socks, small age appropriate toy/activity/book.

13-18 years Teen's Bag: Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Tootbrush/Paste, Brush/Comb, Hair Accessories like pony tail holders, styling products, etc. , deodorant, lotion, perfume/cologne, underwear, socks, shaving supplies, menstrual supplies, journal.

The need is immediate, so you can send your items as soon as they are ready, and I will make periodic deliveries throughout the Quarter as I have a box full.
The 1st Quarter Project will run active from January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014. Seeing as how this is most definitely an on-going need, I will gladly continue to deliver any bags anyone wishes to send on-going for this need as well. 

When your item(s) are ready to be mailed, you can ship them to me at the following business address to insure the packages are never left unattended. **Please notify me upon shipping your package whenever possible so I can be watching for it. As always, I will post either on your photo in our Flickr group album or facebook when packages are received. 

Kristy Smith
c/o Echelon Florist
1260 Rocky Hill Road
Knoxville, TN 37919

I will be sharing samples of the bags I put together along the way to provide ideas and welcome any you may have as well! I've created a 2014/1st Quarter Project Flickr Album where you can add pictures of your project donations, which can further serve as ideas and inspiration for others interested in participating. 

Additionally, if you come across any new patterns/tutorials or special sales on items that might be useful for our project, Please Share! I will do the same, and already have pinned many, many sewing tutorials perfect for this project on my Pinterest Boards HERE.

Let's make an impact on this precious community of children and their caregivers this quarter!


Melissa said...

Looking forward to sewing for this wonderful cause!

JLVerde said...

Time to get sewing! I still have a herd of Guinea pigs to finish for the Fluff project.

make.share.give said...

Made four of these yesterday- they would be cute and handy attached to the handle of a tote.

Blogged about them:

em0138 said...

is it ok to send just bags and/or things to add to the bags or are you just wanting already stuffed bags

Kristy said...

@em0138, yes to both! You can send just bags, just fillers or fully stuffed bags, all are welcome!!!! We will help stuff as many as we can with supplies on hand and then deliver the extra bags to be stuffed as needed. Thank you!!!

Traipsing Wildflower said...

Awesome!! I'm putting together Comfort Bags for foster kids right now. In fact, if it's alright to share I'd like to provide a link. I designed a starfish necklace to raise funds for the project, and it is for sale in my Etsy shop right now:

Thank you! :-)

Kristy said...

@Traipsing Wildflower, A very meaningful outreach for sure! Very best wishes for success that allows you to touch many lives with your gifts. :)

Jake said...

We have a similar program here in Anderson, SC called Totes For Hope! I love these charity projects, so easy, kind and compact. Thank you for hosting such a worthy charity event!

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