Monday, January 6, 2014

Shopping Suggestions for 1st Quarter Project....LOTS of FUN DEALS!!!!

Today I wanted to share some shopping suggestions. Some ways that our family is able to give more by purchasing quality items at reduced prices. These are pretty simple ideas, but some of the shops might be new for you to consider. Expect to find things in unexpected places and you'll be surprised at the way things seem to turn up! 

Here are some of my most recent finds and where I found them...
This package of shower gel bottles was on clearance at Toys R Us of all places for $3.98, with an extra 20% off + a coupon that day. These are large bottles, so I can break the package apart and have enough to include 1 in 7 different bags, for a whopping 42 cents each!!!
I also found these crayon packs for 98 cents each + the same discounts listed above, making each pack when broken up about 9 cents each. :) Not only a great price, but they are character packs that I know the kids will love. These were originally party favors.....a great place to look for packaged items at great prices!

Children's Place is one of those stores I have been clearance shopping for near 15 years! They have great quality and absolutely adorable items for both boys and girls. We stopped by the outlet while doing a little shopping this past week, and found these extra cushy socks normally priced $4.95 each for only 98 cents each!

Finding these great deals at Books A Million was a very pleasant surprise! And they had quiet a variety of discounted items, and offer additional discounts on different days, plus, if you are a member of their "book club" you also get email coupons and bonus discounts on every purchase! I now scour the aisles for the big red circle stickers! :)

 As seasons begin to switch over, remember to take a peek at the clearance sections in your favorite stores. I found all of these items at Target for a total of about $10! The pink and blue sets at the top of really nice fleece jammie sets, and the onsies alone were nearly $10 by themselves at original price.

This one is ENTIRELY thanks to my girls! :) 
One of their favorite girly girl trinket shops is Claire's. Not only do they have regular sales, but they also have something called 10 for $10. All of the items pictured below were only $1 each!!! They have all kinds of fun accessories, brushes, combs, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, nail polish, and even those darling little toiletry bags....all for $1, and much better quality than a dollar store too.

Once again....expect the unexpected. Ran into Kroger for some butter and milk and just happened across these Hanes 6 pk. socks marked down to only $1.99 a package! Snagged all they had left! :)

When it comes to fabric, I also say watch for sales/clearance and coupons! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the remnant bins too! That fun Hot Wheels remnant pictured was nearly a 2 yard cut making it less than $4 a yard for a name brand print. I also found some great canvas fabric at the Hancock's while holiday traveling for only $2.97 a yard that will make some of the sweetest tote bags! Fun stuff the kids will love! I'm getting more and more excited about this Quarter's Project!!! :)

While dollar store shopping can be great for certain items like toiletries, searching out sales and deals based specifically on the projects I'm working on allows our family to give more while staying within our budget. It also allows us to offer much better quality donations over all too. Plus, we have fun with the treasure hunt! :)

Again....if you know of great places to shop for donation items, Please Share! 
Find suggestions for THINGS WE CAN SEW on this post here.
Get the 1st Quarter Project details here and find out how you can join in our fun sewing and sharing efforts!


The Olive Tree Blog said...

you are my kind of shopper! I never pay full price.!

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