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UPDATE: Thank you for your support of this family and their adoption efforts!!! The winner of the Shabby Apple dress from our $4 Appeal is.....
Just gave $12.00. Already gave 20 to their puzzle fundraiser but I know every little bit helps!! Thanks, Elyse
Anonymous said... 3
Sorry here is the chipin#dfbcc46478d1b8ec -Elyse  

Congratulations Elyse! I've just sent you an email to get your address for shipping!!!! You can still contribute to the chip-in here.

A short time ago I was privileged to win an amazing Shabby Apple Dress from one of the blogs I follow. The dress I won was the stunning Spanish Steps valued at $86. Needless to say I was giddy excited!!! I mean if you know anything about Shabby Apple dresses, you know how incredibly fabulous they are! Not to mention, Shabby Apple is a business with a heart, and a big part of what they do involves helping women more about it!

Source: Shabby Apple
Anyway, I've been following an adoption journey that has been quite miraculous to say the least. The happy ending to this excruciating journey has just occurred. I am so thrilled for this family and for this precious boy! But I'm still waiting, like many to hear how the miracle happened.

So how do Shabby Apple dresses and this adoption story connect???

Before the brilliant and passionate adoptive mother will share the end of this amazing story, she has a request. She wants to see the remaining funds for a family preparing to travel and bring home their 2 adoptive sons fully provided for. Near $20,000. A pretty significant chunk of change. BUT......she has broken this down to be only $4 per hit she is getting on her blog each day. $4. Now that's doable. That just means my kids and I skip a Sonic "happy hour" treat once this month. But that wasn't enough to settle with me.

So, here's my $4 appeal. My gorgeous Shabby Apple, Spanish Steps dress can be one of yours. When I asked myself what I had of value that I could offer for these sweet boys, this is what repeatedly kept coming to my mind. The dress still has the tags attached and is a size XL or Ladies 14/16. You can read more about sizing here.

What I ask for you to get your name in the draw for this fabulous dress is to head over to the chip-in here, make at least a $4 donation, and comment on this post with your donation receipt #. That's it. Then you're in. Want to donate more than $4? GREAT! You can have an entry in this dress giveaway for EVERY $4 donation you chip in! (ex. $40 = 10 entries!)
I will allow comments until Wednesday, June 1st at which time I will randomly select a winner and post their names here on the Hopeful Threads blog. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure I have an email address to contact you with in your comment if your email is not enabled on your profile. I will ship the dress anywhere in the US promptly, once the winner confirms their address.

Thank you in advance for joining me in making a HUGE difference in such a small way! Someone is going to look gorgeous in this dress!


Anonymous said...

Just donated $20, Receipt # 57b8e46e6a7aa202

I can be reached at :-) Thanks for doing this! This is an awesome family.

-Katherine H.

Anonymous said...

Just gave $12.00.

Already gave 20 to their puzzle fundraiser but I know every little bit helps!!

Thanks, Elyse

Anonymous said...

Sorry here is the chipin#dfbcc46478d1b8ec


Evelene S said...

I just gave $8.00. Receipt # cf2a74abe946fcfb
esterling9 at aol dot com

Kristy said...

Closed for entries. Winner to post shortly! Thanks to all who participated and loved this family through your efforts! Blessings!

Edigiland said...

Beautiful and Sweet Dress for Girls

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