Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Riley Blake + Serendipity Studio = DREAMY SKIRT!

Since there is only so much I can blog about when it comes to cutting and sewing the outline of our little rag dolls, ;)  thought I'd share a little something I made this weekend. It's kind of an early birthday present I suppose. I had purchased the Serendipity Studio Fashion Formula Skirts booklet because I knew it was perfect for my oldest daughter! Her birthday is next month, so I thought I'd make her a new skirt. Well, because they have learned to love the arrival of the mailman as much as I do, :) she saw the pattern and immediately went nuts! And since I'm one of those that rarely buys fabric with a specific project in mind, but rather buys it because I love it and know the project for it will come later....she went fabric shopping in my stash. She came up with this line by Riley Blake, Just Dreamy, and it really worked perfectly for this skirt!
She choose the "Trixie" skirt from the booklet which has several beautiful skirts with multiple variations, making for quite a selection! I imagine she will want at least one of each style before we are finished though!
She couldn't wait to wear it and I think she looks so beautiful in it! It suits her style and personality perfectly! And nothing makes me happier than to see her truly love something I've made for her! Fun times!

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