Friday, May 27, 2011

Dressin' My Dollies!

The final step to have my sweet rag dolls ready to pass on to their new homes... getting them dressed. Well, great thing is, MODKID offers a free dress pattern for these little cuties! Yep! Just print the handy little template off on cardstock and you're ready to zoom around it with your rotary cutter...carefully of course! Those rotary blade injuries can be pretty bad!
 Double your fabric over to cut both pieces at once. And, if your piece of fabric allows it, I suggest having the grain line or stretch of your fabric going up and down your dress. The ones I cut this way were easier to sew for me. 

 Since MODKID generously sent me some knit remnants from their fabric line when they sent those extra panels I gave away here, all of my girls will be dressed in style!

 Side note...if you've never sewn doll clothes, hems can be a bit tedious since they are so tiny. Since the dresses are recommended to be made out of a stretchy fabric like knits....they won't fit over the doll's head if you use regular cotton isn't necessary to finish the edges. I chose to sew the side seams and shoulders and leave the edges raw. You could even leave the shoulders unsewn and tie them...I didn't think about this until after mine were all sewn, but I think that would look really cute!

Finished project to post soon! :)



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