Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rag Dolls In the Works - Cutting & Sewing

 Ok, so here we go with some Monthly Project progress! These are the first steps of getting these sweet dolls made, cutting and sewing. Ummmmm.... and let me just suggest, these little handy instructions printed right on the panel, yea, read those BEFORE you start! Kind of why they are there, and they really do make the whole process easier. Just take it from me! ;)
 Once you have your dolls roughly cut, align the front and the back and pin in place.
 Then, you are ready to sew. Don't forget to leave the opening for turning.
 Clip around all curves and corners. This will help smooth the outline of the dolls once turned.
...to be continued...
We're on a roll! Gonna have a pile of these adorable plushies before you know it!

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