Wednesday, June 22, 2011

These are gonna be good!!!

You know that feeling when you can smell chocolate chip cookies in the oven and you know once they are finally ready they are gonna be good??? Ever had that feeling about a project you were working on???

That's where I'm at with these adorable Funky Monkey Activity Totes! And the more they come together, the more this fabric just seems meant for this project! A few finishing stitches and these babies will be ready to fill with creative goodies....can't wait!

Got a few crayon rolls ready too...
Both of these projects make for really good "batch" sewing projects. They come together quickly and easily and you'll be surprised at how many you'll have in no time. In addition to being an ideal donation item, they are also great as gifts, party favors, basket/stocking stuffers or just a handy item to keep in the car for times that busy little hands need something extra to do.

I'll have these finished up with finale pictures soon! How 'bout you? Any sewing progress? Are you planning to enter this month's giveaway? Sure hope so! Just over a week to get those pics in, so don't forget! :)
Happy Sewing,


Evelene S said...

They all look so cute I can't wait to see the finale pic's.

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