Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remnant Sewing

I've shared before about my love for remnants, but wanted to offer a glimpse at some of the many, many projects that I've made with fabric remnants. I scour the remnant bins at every fabric store I visit whether in person or on line. You can truly find some of the best deals there and often it is a large enough cut of fabric to accommodate a variety of sewing projects.
Here are a few...
Cell Phone Pouch - Free Tutorial HERE
Plushie Friends
Doll Clothes
Toy Accessories
Jean Repair - Free Tutorial HERE
Crayon Rolls
Cloth Pads
Baby Booties - Free pattern HERE
Cloth Wipes
Simple 30 Minute Shorts for baby
Faith Strip Skirt
Totes/Purses - Free Tutorial HERE
All of these things can be made using fabric leftover from other projects.
Remnant sewing....a reminder that it doesn't have to cost much to give back.


kinter said...

You have so many great projects. I love the remnant bin, too!

Melissa said...

Wow! Such great projects - I never get rid of any fabric - so I have tons of remnants that need to be turned into something!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

The remnant bin is the first place I head for in any fabric store... LOL!!! Some fabulous projects here, Kristy!!! The totes look fabulous matching the girls' skirts. Thanks for the link to the tutorial and the baby booties are just SO cute!!!

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