Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IMMEDIATE NEED! For our friends during this extreme cold...

Friends, I wanted to share with you all an immediate need for our friends on and around the Pine Ridge Reservation. You will remember the Reservation and the organization, Sew For Kids, that regularly sews and gathers supplies to support the families of Pine Ridge if you have been around here a while. 

With the extreme temperatures currently being experienced across much of the US, there is an even greater need for support. Particularly in the form of propane tanks and firewood to help families heat their homes and prepare their meals. The efforts to provide these items for families in need are currently being organized through the non-profit organization Hearts of the Sacred Spirit. 

Every little bit helps. Please consider how you can help our friends to stay warm this particularly harsh winter. As I sit in my well heated home, with warm water and electricity available, I am reminded how fortunate I am and how it isn't the case for all. We can help!

Sew For Kids regularly accepts the donation of sewn items like blankets, hats, gloves and more to be delivered to the families of Pine Ridge. 
Learn more about Sew For Kids on their website HERE or follow along on facebook HERE.

Read about Pine Ridge Reservation and find out how to easily make a donation at Hearts of the Sacred Spirit HERE. 

May you feel the blessing of your gifts always.  
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