Saturday, October 22, 2011

Easy Cloth Wipes

When we worked on cloth diapers back in March, I posted about how easy it is to make cloth wipes. I made a few to go along with the covers I've been working on this month and thought I'd share again in case you missed it.
 The fastest way to make these is using a serger, but they can also be very easily made my sewing with a zig-zag or overcast stitch on your machine or by sewing wrong-sides together then turning and top-stitching. Either way, you'll have a stack in no time and it's a perfect and practical way to use up scraps from other projects.
 I used flannel and sherpa, which is a terry like material, for the ones I made. These were all circles, but I often make them square or rectangle as well. Frankly, whatever my scrap allows for best. We use these around our house for lots of things, and they hold up really well. These were our go to burp cloths when the baby was little!

Simple, scrap sewing project that can prove a very helpful item!


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