Monday, October 3, 2011

October Monthly Project Announcement!

I'm super excited about the monthly project for October! I suppose I didn't get enough tiny sewing fun last month! So, when a friend expressed a need for Preemie sized diaper covers I said "You got it!". :) But let me share a little more...

My friend lives in Cambodia. She and her family are part of an amazing organization called Children In Families. "Children In Families (or Komar Knong Krousar in Khmer) is a non-government and non-profit organization in Cambodia, established by individuals concerned about the overuse of institutions in caring for the needs of Cambodia's children at risk." Instead, they have a vision and purpose "to find permanent Cambodian families for children through kinship care, permanent and long-term foster care for children who can not be reunited with their families." Children in they should be.

One group of children that falls into the at risk category are those born prematurely. As I'm sure many of you may understand firsthand, preemie babies require lots of extra care and attention to help them grow and thrive. In the US that care often takes place in a NICU department of a hospital, of which many countries are not fortunate enough to have available. This is where Children In Families (CIF) comes into the picture for these tiny and fragile newborns. They will often personally care for babies until they are strong and healthy enough to be returned to a family member or placed with a waiting Cambodian family. Additionally,  CIF will provide on-going training and support to the families, encouraging family-based care and thus preventing the precious child from ever entering an orphanage. Such a beautiful picture of empowering a beautiful culture to care for some of the most vulnerable around them!
I hope you will take time to visit the CIF website and learn more about the work they are doing and possibly consider showing them support. You can also find them on facebook.

Now for the sewing fun!!!
Look at the teensy tiny cuteness we can make to support the care of preemies in Cambodia!
This one is from Samantha of Little Comet Tails who provides a FREE Preemie Sized TEMPLATE on her blog! (Little Starter pattern can be purchased here) Thank you Samantha! This is the pattern I will be using for the covers I make this month.

I invite you to join me in another "batch sewing" monthly project!
I will be sending the covers with a friend traveling to Cambodia early November, so if you'd like to sew along I just ask that you be prepared to send your finished covers to me by the end of October.

And you know me and motivational giveaways, so I of course have some goodies planned to add to the fun! ;) I will also walk you through the fabric selection and sewing process and gladly answer any questions you might have. 

So....are you in???
If so, grab the button from my sidebar,
and let's get sewing!


Uli said...

I mailed my covers today. It was fun to make them. So tiny and quick to sew.

Kristy said...

Uli, I received your adorable covers! 10/28 Thanks so much for sewing along!

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