Saturday, October 8, 2011

Diaper Covers - Fleece or Upcycled Sweater

I wanted to share one last diaper cover option before officially digging into October's monthly project
 This is a pattern I have used a lot and is super quick & easy to sew up!

Here are some I made a few years ago that went to an orphanage in Guatemala.

**One note on this pattern** Pay attention to the stretch of the fabric when you cut. You need the leg bands and waistband to stretch across the cover for it to be easy to get on and off of baby. Katrina offers LOADS of great advice and insight on her blog as well and she is a super sweet and generous mama who is always helpful if you have questions specific about her patterns.

While I don't have free fleece or wool to offer you, these can easily be made from remnants or up-cycled items like blankets and sweaters.

So here's the recap for October....

Monthly Project: Preemie Diaper Covers
Need PUL? Offered here for cost of shipping.
Need Yarn? Offered here for cost of shipping.

I think we're set to get these tiny bundles "covered"! ;)
Would love to have you sew along with me this month! And I'll intro a lil' incentive that might interest you this week!


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