Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sewing Essential - SNAPS

I use a lot of snaps in my sewing projects, and while I never thought it necessary before owning a press, I have grown to love the convenience and finish that snaps provide.

You've seen me use them most recently on the monthly project preemie covers.

I also use snaps regularly for things like bibs,
 Cloth Pads
  Bags and Pouches
as well as clothing.
Snaps are a very kid-friendly option for clothing!

I buy ALL my snaps from Assunta Store.
Assunta offers high quality and well known KAM snaps in every color available! Plus they carry custom colors, engraved and shaped snaps for an even extra touch.
I have always received A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. customer service plus super quick and often FREE shipping! And their prices can't be beat!
Additionally, you can get all the tools you need for applying the snaps whether you prefer a professional snap press or the hand held pliers.

Plus, Assunta offers a LOAD of other sewing notions as well including....
Size Labels
Marking Pens
and Elastics to name a few.

AND, THE BEST PART....the store supports Little Flower Projects!
 A hospice care home loving the tiniest and sickest orphans of China.
I'm not sharing this to intro a giveaway or because they have paid or even asked me to. Truth is, they have no idea I'm posting this. Truth also is, I believe in their products, have purchased them myself for years and even more, I believe in the work they do! If my purchases support that work in even a small way, then I get to be a part, and that is a blessing!


Suz said...

The snaps are awesome! Love all the colours :)

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