Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting to know Sew For Kids

Today I want to share with you a little more about Sew For Kids, the group that continually supports the programs we are sewing for this month. I asked Carol, one of the incredible ladies behind the sewing outreach if she would share more and here is part of our conversation.

Q: When and Why did Sew For Kids begin?
A: Sew For Kids was started December 2010 by 3 women who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (PRR) in SD,  using our sewing skills to provide needed resources. All of us have worked on helping the Rez in various ways over the years. We felt there were other people who would join us in this endeavor and together we would make items for the moms and kids and learn new sewing skills while doing so and have fun along the way sharing our creations.  Many of us are moms and can relate to the needs of kids and the issues surrounding them.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about the type and purpose of donations you regularly collect?
A:  While our age to help is mainly 0-10 years, our principal focus is the formative years( 0- 5 years). We wanted kids to get a good start in life by making sure that the resources were there when needed at the various developmental stages.  We wanted not only to provide the resources but find a Rez group that also would educate on caring for children, safety issues, medical  issues, teach kids and teach parents how to parent and  work with their kids to attain their full potential.  We found a group of women who work with kids at the Head Start, the Early Head Start ( called the Baby Face program) , the clinic and the college who shared our vision and became known as the Shining Start program. No one in need is ever denied help if they refuse education but handouts alone do not change things over the long term for the better. 

Moms/parents, many very young and inexperienced, are already dealing with a stressful situation when they bring a new baby into the home, made even more stressful when parents/moms do not have the needed resources to care for their kids.The first thing the nurse asked for were basic layette items so she could give out to moms at their 2 week post partum home visit since many moms do not have the items you or I would have for a baby and do not have a washer to clean what little they do have. ( 10 babies per month are born on each Rez that we help and in the area of the Rez we help)

Q: Tell us a bit more about the program supporting Nursing Mothers.
A: Because there is a big push for breastfeeding on the Rez, the nurses working with our programs on both Reservations wanted items that nursing moms use, like nursing pads and nursing pillows, blankets or nursing covers for those who felt uncomfortable doing so, some bottles for days when moms are not able to be home and bottle brushes. The nurses  try to educate moms on breastfeeding prior to delivery so they are ready to start as soon as the baby is born. They are available to them if a problem arises. Breastfeeding provides so many benefits for the mom and baby that we wanted to support this effort with these resources. There is a greater chance of starting and continuing if they have the support and the resources.

Q: How can those interested learn more about your outreach and how they can be a part?
A:  Sew For Kids Blog sewforkids.wordpress.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sew-For-Kids/198723920160359 
Yahoo group  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sewforlakotakids/  

Additionally, you can find "Current Needs" listed here and Sew For Kids has started having specific Monthly Projects and Donation Item of the Week based on need that you can also participate in and/or contribute to. The weekly donation item is specifically something that must be purchased, so even those who don't hand-craft can support and encourage these beautiful families.

We will be sewing to support the outreach efforts of Sew For Kids this month and invite you to join in!
You can grab the button from the sidebar to add to your own blog or website and help spread the word. Thank you! (large one at the top, small one at the bottom of the sidebar)

Let's blow them away with a dose of the overwhelming Hopeful Threads style generosity ok??? :)


Poppy (xperimentl) said...

There are so many options of things to make and donate. I am looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful things that people come up with.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful organization

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