Monday, October 22, 2012

Attaching Reversible Buttons

 I shared a reversible jumper I had made a couple of days ago, and today wanted to share some tips about attaching reversible buttons. 

First, position and begin stitching your button on one side of the garment.
Then you will center the reverse button on the opposite side. As you begin stitching it in place, you will also be reinforcing the stitches of the alternate button on the backside.
 Continue stitching until both buttons are securely in place. 
 When you are ready to tie of the stitching, knot your thread just far enough up that you can pull it back through with the knot caught between your buttons and therefore hidden.
 Your buttons may be so securely attached that it makes them difficult to slip through your buttonholes. If so, wrap it around the backside of each button multiple times, creating a space behind your button to allow for fastening through the buttonhole. When satisfied, tie off your threads and clip. 
 Beautifully finished and positioned, reversible buttons. 



Melissa said...

I can't tell you how giddy this post made me today! It reassured me that I did it right when I did Anne's buttons!!! Thank you :)

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