Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick & Easy Cloth Wipes

One of the quickest, easiest and most practical items to sew for baby are cloth wipes. They can  be made from small cuts of fabric and go together in a snap whether serging or sewing. 
All of the wipes I have made for our October project have been made from remnants of other projects , so they can be made with small amounts of fabric. 

I simply cut 2 squares based on the size of the fabric piece I am working on, but prefer 8x8". I serge around the edges and mine are finished, but if you don't have a serger, you could sew the squares right sides together, leaving a small opening to turn, then turn right side out and stitch the opening closed and they would work just as well. 

Cloth wipes are something that can be used for diapering, bathing and/or feeding, so they are sure to be used! And they are a lot of fun to make too since you see big results in a short time. :) I love using up remnants in such a functional way too.

Our Flickr Album is growing with a variety of adorable donation items and we would love to have you sew with us this month! Take a look at the goodies that have been made for the babies and mamas so far! 


Melissa said...

Out of curiosity are you using flannel here or flannel and a cotton? I have a couple of flannel fabrics that would work great for this I just want to make sure I'm using the right material.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Cloth wipes are definitely the way to go environmentally, Kristy. A mother can never have too many!!!

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